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Basic Food Safety

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Emergency Disaster Plan

Basic Food Safety, will cover the principles of safe food handling with-in Assisted Living Facilities.


Emergency Disaster Plans: Will cover the basic components of the assisted living emergency disaster plan as required by COMAR

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Residents Rights

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Health and psychosocial Needs of the Population Being Served

Resident's Rights,Will cover the concepts of the resident's rights and their application in the Assisted Living Environment.


Health and Psychosocial Needs of the Population Being Served, covers the basic principles need to proved psychosocial care to resident with-in the Assisted Living environment.

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Infection Control Part 1 and 2

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Fire and Life Safety
Part 1 and 2

Infection Control, covers the basics of infection control with-in Assisted Living Facilities.


Fire and Life Safety, This two part series provides the recipient with basic knowledge of fire safety with-in the assisted living environment. Topics covered, use and maintenance of the smoke detector, and how to use a fire extinguisher. Both series must be completed to obtain a certificate.

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Use of Service Plans


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Resident Assessment Process Part 1, 2 and 3

Use of Service Plans, discusses the service plan requirements and use with-in the Assisted Living Environment.


Resident Assessment Process, This three part series discusses the "assessment tool", and how to use the tool to admit a resident into the Assisted Living Facility as required by the COMAR.

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